Helpful Links

Below are a few links to helpful resources for beer and wine-making.

The American Homebrewers Association is a fantastic resource for tips, recipes, and great deals centered around beer, mead, cider, and most other fermented beverages.

Nevada County Homebrewers

Our local homebrew club for all things fermented, mainly beer but also cider, mead, kombucha etc. Working to promote, education, interest and dedication to the art and science of home brewed beverages In OUR community. They meet the second Monday of every month at various locations. Check their website for more info.

Sierra Wine and Grape Growers Association

Founded in 1978, the Sierra Wine & Grape Growers Association supports both home and commercial winemakers and grape growers in Nevada County, and adjoining Placer, Yuba and Sierra counties in California.Our membership is open to all those who own a vineyard, make wine, or are simply interested in wine and being a member of the organization. Members are continually increasing their knowledge of vinicultural and viticultural practices in the northern Sierra Foothills to produce and enjoy premium grapes and high quality wines.