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Pro Brewers Siphon


The “Pro Brewers Siphon” is the ultimate hassle free, completely sanitizable "ONE TOOL TO RACK THEM ALL" home brewing siphon starter designed to cater to a wide range of fermentation practices, equipment, and styles.

As devoted brewers who love what we do, we designed the FIRST and only de-constructible, durable and completely sanitizable Home Brew siphon starter that makes the “Perfect Rack” easy every time.

It’s a reliable transferring tool that is easily sanitized, virtually unbreakable and offers flexibility to do more experimentation without having to use multiple siphons in order to do it.

Not only does it perform 10 times better than what we’ve been use to, but it also saves time and money. It’s also possible to rack from anything; Bucket, Kettle, Carboy, Barrel -- all with just this one tool.

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Own & Use Our Pro Brewers Siphon

For starters, it works like a champ. Whether you’re a professional, amateur or beginner, the versatility of application is so simple to use that we’re confident the Pro Brewers Siphon will quickly become the #1 choice of all Home Brewers regardless of experience. 

Made entirely out of stainless steel and silicone, our “Pro Brewers Siphon” eliminates all of the transfer problems that you run into as a brewer, such as bacteria contamination or oxygen leaks that cause oxidation in your batches.

1. Designed for Durability & Longevity

Strong enough to last a lifetime, our strong, impact resistant, 100% reusable and 100% recyclable, Pro Brewers Siphon is the best-performing and most practical choice for long-life transferring tools.

Unlike conventional petroleum-based plastic products that can crack or degrade with repeated use, we’ve eliminated potential leaks, cracks and corrosion that can lead to bacterial contamination. We’ve combined food-grade #304 stainless steel and silicone to keep deterioration from happening. It has a superior strength-to-weight ratio compared to other grades of conventional plastics, or compostable PLA plastic.

2. A Triple Contact Plunger Seal

Up until now, you had to use a food grade adhesive to bond the plunger cane seal to the cane. But not anymore. Our "plunger cane seal" is "over molded" and has three levels of contact with the "outer siphon tube" guaranteeing that all your thoroughness and attention to detail up until siphoning won’t be lost to oxidization. You can count on preserving flavors and increasing shelf life.

3. A Simple, Functional Removable Check Valve

A key feature of our siphon is its removable ‘check valve assembly’ that can be quickly cleaned, sanitized, and re-attached in the event of clogging. Making your transfers simple and quick every time.

4. Easy To Clean and Maintain + Completely Sanitizable

You want to be 100% germ and bacteria free when crafting your batching. So we’ve made it super simple to achieve optimal cleanliness without having to use harmful chemicals to do it. Our Stainless Steel and High Temperature Silicone makes our Pro Brewers Siphon a breeze to clean and resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion. All you need is 1 hour inside of an oven at 212 degrees to completely sanitize your tool.

5. It’s Non-toxic and Eco-friendly

We care about the planet and follow a zero waste policy. That’s why we designed our siphon to be an environmentally better choice. Any reusable material is better than a disposable one. Stainless steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials and widely used in the food and beverage industry — and even in the most sterile surgical environments. Silicone is not a hazardous waste nor toxic to aquatic or soil organisms. So while it is not biodegradable, it can be recycled after a lifetime of use.

6. One Tool to Rack Them All -- No Problem

Up until now, brewers needed 2+ different sets of siphons when crafting sour batches versus non sour types of brews. We designed our Pro Brewers Siphon to cater to your unique needs without having to purchase any extra equipment. Because it’s de-constructable, manually cleanable and totally sanitizeable, you now have the freedom to use this one tool to experiment with bacteria, wild yeasts and pull from other experimental sources like wild crafted herbs, spices, or fruits to make your special signature batch at no extra cost.

7. Safest Material For Food and Drinks

Your safety and health is our top priority. Made from FDA approved materials, our Pro Brewers Siphon does not leach chemicals or require a synthetic lining or interior coating. Non-toxic and completely free of BPA, phthalates, lead, zinc and other nasty elements linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and other health and safety concerns -- we use stainless steel for its antibacterial and hygienic properties and silicone because it’s non-reactive with acidic materials or high temperatures up to 500 degrees. We guarantee a clean, neutral taste that won’t affect flavor or smell like other materials.

8. Sturdy Clip & Carboy Sleeve

Efficiency is everything. We’ve designed a prototyped clip and sleeve that gives you ultimate control over depth adjustment while siphoning. Not only do we ensure that you don’t suck up sediment/debris from the bottom of your bucket or carboy you can now be hands free to perform other tasks during the transfer. It’s just that simple!

9. Reusable, Recyclable & Better For The Planet

8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year estimating about $13 billion in damages to marine ecosystems each year. Our landfills are also being overloaded with plastic products that can take hundreds of years or more to biodegrade.

The lifespan of these popular plastic products are as follows:

  • Plastic Water Bottle - 450 years
  • Disposable Diapers - 500 years
  • Plastic 6-Pack Collar - 450 years
  • Extruded Polystyrene Foam - over 5,000 years

This is insane. We try to do our best to try and diminish this number by not adding to it and reducing the amount of material we throw away. Our Pro Brewers Siphon is designed to be reused for many years, passed onto new generations and fully recycled without degradation at the end of its useful life. This means resources are saved and the same material is continuously cycled through the production chain in a sustainable closed-loop system.

10. A Wise Investment In Our Future

Stainless steel is the safest, most durable, reusable, recyclable, and worry-free material available used to make our Pro Brewers Siphon. Choosing our Pro Brewers Siphon for your next transferring tool purchase is an affordable and long-lasting investment that reflects a real commitment to health and environmental sustainability. We stand by our product and hope that it becomes one of your favorite tools and a vessel for some of your favorite memories.